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Men's, $25, Women's $41

Whether you’re looking to for a new style or a simple trim, we will work together to design the best cut for you. Beginning with a shampoo, clippers, razors, or shears will be used to make sure your face shape and lifestyle is accounted for when designing your new look. Kevin.Murphy products will be used to air form your style into a look that makes your inner beauty shine outside.

Happy new hair.jpg


$90 and above

Bored with the same old, same old? Allow me to work with your skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle to give you a beautiful allover color, subtle highlights, or a bold new hue. Pricing will vary based on technique, time, and product used, and all colors include a haircut and style.


Express, $100 Full, $225 and up

A Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment is the very best way to reduce the frizz in your coarse, heavily textured hair. Reducing your drying and styling time, this will make your hair feel like a new mane!

This #balayage turned out so lovely. I’m


$75 and above

Every bride should feel like their absolute best on their wedding day. I will work with you to ensure your hairstyle works with your dress, face, body, and overall style. We will coordinate with your makeup artist, photographer, and planner to ensure your timeline is honored and everything is smooth sailing on your big day.

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